Frequently asked questions

Our FAQ gives the answers to our most common “How It Works” related questions.

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All messages created by you are private and are not shared on the global account.  Any private messages sent
are only forwarded to your chosen contact.


All “I love you” messages and encouragement boosters are collected anonymously.  They are vetted for appropriate language but not connected with any users.

Audio and video messages must be created within the app. The ability to  download from your phone is an upcoming  feature which is available on an upgraded account.  

The Free account will provide users 250mb of storage, access to listen to “I love you” global deposits, receive daily boosters, record private 30 second audio messages and access to 3 private folders.

New users have 250gb on secure storage space on the free account.  This storage allows for storage of audio and video messages.  Please check the subscription page to see how much storage is available.

You will be prompted twice before your delete is completed.  Once you have accepted to delete a file, it will be no longer be available in your account.

Messages sent are  temporarily stored in the last 20 messages sent and will automatically delete oldest.  Messages can be saved into general or legacy folders.

You can designate a person to be contacted if your account is inactive for 6, 9 or 12 months.  If you do not respond to our emails, we will notify you and your “beneficiary” via email to prompt a response. If no response in 30 days, steps on how to retrieve your private files will be forward to your chosen beneficiary.  (this feature is optional and located in your settings).

If you’re in a free trial of World LOVEbank, your subscription starts after this period.  Trial subscriptions will automatically enroll in an annual subscription unless canceled before trial end.  Month to Month subscriptions must be cancelled 24 hours before next month.  


If you need to find out what email address your app’s currently signed into, you can check it as follows:  Go to Profile gear box, choose update profile and review your email.  Updates can be made here.  



Founder, CEO

Hi, I am Hibby!

I have always had immense love for the world, and after facing personal challenges in 2012, I made a decision that I would one day build a bank that stores LOVE as our most valuable asset and make it accessible to everyone, anywhere.

Today, with World LOVEbank, audio love can be deposited, and shared anonymously in this app, as our way to show that the world is a "loving place". We also have features to create and save private collections of audio and video messages. Sharing our love for family and friends is especially important today, as we face uncertainty with the pandemic and the world seems so disconnected.

Everyone deserves love. Mental health comes in all forms. When we are struggling, to hear we are loved, supported and not alone is important. When we share our voice, the world receives it, and our love is valued. Together we move towards acceptance not judgement.

Use this bank, as a tool, to make new and keep safe, precious memories of those you love, while also sharing some anonymous love for those in the world who are still suffering. All Love is Worth Saving! Love Hibby