Get into the Healthy Habit of Saving and Sharing Messages of Love

WorldLOVEbank app is the one safe place for saving priceless memories and building emotional wealth to help you live a happier and healthier life with more love.



Compound love in 3 easy steps


Give It, To Get It

Deposit an anonymous audio – i love you – recording. In giving love, each user opens access to listen to collections of “I love you” messages. Real people, around the world, sharing love.



Booster Exchange

In our checking account, we record  positive phrases to encourage others.  These boost collections and meditations come from  around the world.  Its an anonymous way, to be of service by exchanging kind words


Audio Love Deposits

Our voice is our most valuable asset and can never be replaced.  When we create private intentional “love” messages, we build emotional wealth, and protect our family  in these uncertain times.


Is a LOVEbank Worth it?

These accounts are worth more than money, as it holds our priceless and irreplaceable assets.

Private Savings Account are safekeeping the irreplaceable audio memories we receive from family and friends in one safe place! Global  Account provides us access to listen and receive support worldwide with an audio-bank of “I love you” deposits. Check-In Account  helps us keep track of our moods daily and allows us to exchange anonymous boosts of encouragement and with positive affirmations.

We are the world’s only audio and video LOVEbank created for you to build your LOVE assets.

For the People, By the People

The world needs more opportunities to be positive and put our values on what matter most.

The world is filled like-minded people, and believe LOVE is the way to connect in the world and improve our mental health.

We all desire to be loved, accepted and valued, it is a universal need which unites us all.

Unconditional love is important to enhance our emotional health, relieve stress and keep us connected.




Group 31030

Our Goal is to Save 10 million Love Deposits in 2022

LOVE is the World's New Currency


Meditation, affirmations, stories & memories
keep us connected & improve our mental health

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I believe in a Loving World

Words That Inspire us

"Everyone needs to be valued,
Everyone has the potential to give something back."
Princess Diana
"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.
Without them humanity cannot survive".
Dalai Lama
"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.
Loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."
Victor Hugo
"Love is co-operation rather than competition".
Wayne Dyer
"Not all of us can do great things.
But we can do small thing with great love".
Mother Teresa



Founder, CEO

Hi, I am Hibby!

I have always had immense love for the world, and after facing personal challenges in 2012, I made a decision that I would one day build a bank that stores LOVE as our most valuable asset and make it accessible to everyone, anywhere.

Today, with World LOVEbank, audio love can be deposited, and shared anonymously in this app, as our way to show that the world is a "loving place". We also have features to create and save private collections of audio and video messages. Sharing our love for family and friends is especially important today, as we face uncertainty with the pandemic and the world seems so disconnected.

Everyone deserves love. Mental health comes in all forms. When we are struggling, to hear we are loved, supported and not alone is important. When we share our voice, the world receives it, and our love is valued. Together we move towards acceptance not judgement.

Use this bank, as a tool, to make new and keep safe, precious memories of those you love, while also sharing some anonymous love for those in the world who are still suffering. All Love is Worth Saving! Love Hibby